Patera Kori Studios, an internationally acclaimed design firm produces the collaborative, artistic efforts of the father and daughter team of Eduardo and Darlene.

In fact it was Darlene, 25 years ago that encouraged her father, Eduardo, to pursue his interest in art. At first, this advice seemed rather distant from his first career involving nuclear physics and engineering. But the combined left and right side brain activities have produced outstanding art and led Eduardo to start an art school and act as Director from 1992 to 2002. As an artist Eduardo works in many mediums including watercolors, acrylics, clay sculpture and most recently his unique, kinetic wood sculptures, lighting and dramatic spiral pedestal tables.

Darlene’s art career has also taken an unusual and interesting path. After graduating from George Washington University, Darlene worked as a creative marketing manager but stayed close to her interest in art and especially metal sculpture. Rather then continuing along the well established path of metal kinetic sculpture, Darlene developed a technique of using wood to produce Patera Kori Studios’ unique, perfectly balanced, spiral arm kinetic wood sculptures.

“Patera Kori” which means “father daughter” in Greek pays tribute to part of their ethnic heritage but most importantly it signifies the uniting of their creative talents into a very special, well respected collaborative art team.

Sculpting with wire Posing at gallery Workshop